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A Reminder to Beneficiaries to Renew Their SASSA Gold Cards Before They Expire



A Reminder to Beneficiaries to Renew Their SASSA Gold Cards Before They Expire

A Reminder to Beneficiaries to Renew Their SASSA Gold Cards Before They Expire.In an effort to aid beneficiaries, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has advised grant recipients with expiring gold cards to visit Post Office branches for assistance. However, the Department of Social Development (DSD) has devised upcoming measures to support beneficiaries during this process.

A Reminder to Beneficiaries to Renew Their SASSA Gold Cards Before They Expire

Extended Expiry Date: Renewal Reminder

SASSA has extended the expiration date of Gold Cards until December 31, 2023. This implies that beneficiaries must ensure the renewal of their cards before the upcoming year.

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Earlier this year, SASSA issued a press release urging grant beneficiaries with gold cards expiring in March 2023 to make their way to Post Office branches to acquire new cards. Priority has been assigned to those whose cards expire in March.

Continued Use of Expiring Cards: A Grace Period

Beneficiaries can breathe a sigh of relief as SASSA has authorized the continued use of Gold Cards until the December deadline. This pragmatic approach ensures that millions of individuals will continue to receive their essential grants without disruption.

Positive Response and Collaboration

SASSA has warmly welcomed the decision by the Payment Association of South Africa (PASA) to extend the validity of expired cards for transactions involving social grant payments at ATMs and retail establishments. This decision has been heralded as excellent news for SASSA’s beneficiaries, allowing them to utilize their cards seamlessly until the close of 2023.

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PASA has communicated with acquiring banks to ensure their readiness to accept expired SASSA/Postbank Gold Cards, and Postbank itself has completed its necessary preparations.

Department of Social Development’s Approach

Lindiwe Zulu, the Minister of Social Development, has elaborated on the plans. The Post Office possesses records of all expired cards, and beneficiaries will be informed of an organized approach for SASSA card replacements.

The Postbank team has crafted a comprehensive SASSA Card Replacement Distribution Plan, forming the blueprint for the phased rollout of the replacement program. This approach will likely result in beneficiaries receiving new Gold Cards in the month their old cards are due to expire.

Efficient Execution and Information Sharing

Postbank intends to allocate around 2000 employees for card replacement activities. The SASSA Card Replacement Distribution Plan ensures the timely dissemination of crucial information to the public, allowing beneficiaries ample time to acquire their new cards.

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Minister Zulu has confirmed that all gold cards will be replaced with black cards, and the transition will be effectively communicated to the public. Vigorous efforts are underway to ensure Postbank’s readiness to distribute the new cards before December 2023.

Collecting SASSA Grants and Usage of Expired Cards

Beneficiaries can continue collecting grant payments at their usual collection points and use their expired SASSA gold cards at various retail stores, including Checkers, Shoprite, Usave, OK, Pick n Pay, Boxer, and other participating retailers.

Recipients of social grants using the expired SASSA/Postbank Gold Cards can confidently utilize these cards at all National Payment System points, encompassing ATMs, point-of-sale purchases, Post Office branches, and SASSA cash payment locations.

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Beneficiaries will be notified about the collection of new SASSA/Postbank gold cards when the time comes. In the interim, they can continue using their expired gold cards as they have done before.

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