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Academically Ineligible? Here’s How You Can Appeal Your NSFAS Application



Academically Ineligible? Here's How You Can Appeal Your NSFAS Application

 It may be ideal for you to look into the following conditions under which your appeal application may be considered if your NSFAS application was declined because you did not meet the bursary scheme’s academic eligibility criteria.

Academically Ineligible? Here’s How You Can Appeal Your NSFAS Application

National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) applications are still open, but some students have already received feedback that they do not meet the academic eligibility requirements. 

According to the bursary scheme, this is often the case for students who apply but have poor academic results and therefore do not meet the scheme’s eligibility requirements.

According to NSFAS, this cohort of students may appeal their student funding application if they meet the following criteria: 

Requirements For A NSFAS Application Appeal If You Are Academically Ineligible 

  • Continuing students who have not participated in the FTEN or FTF programme during their previous academic year;
  • A student who is unable to complete their academic term effectively due to illness for two or more months of the term, exams, or the death of a close family member, could receive a scholarship.
  • In the event that you became pregnant during an academic term, gave birth, and the institution determined you could complete your qualification in another term; or if you became the victim of a violent crime (such as rape or abuse).
  • The institution has determined that you are likely to finish your studies within another academic term if you are a student with a disability who, according to a medical report, was unable to finish your academic term. 
  • It would be helpful if you could provide evidence that NSFAS’ academic results are inaccurate.
  • Students who have been a first-time entrant (FTEN) or first-time faculty (FTF) during their previous academic term of study do not have to lodge an appeal. Your subsequent academic term will be automatically funded.
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In the last academic year, 46,070 students who submitted appeals have been approved for bursaries through the bursary scheme.

An additional 27,646 appeals were submitted by new applicants, making a total of 18,424 appeals from continuing students. After receiving a negative response to their bursary application, students have 30 days to lodge an appeal.


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