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DA Calls for Immediate Action Over Nsfas Payment Delays



DA Calls for Immediate Action Over Nsfas Payment Delays

DA Calls for Immediate Action Over Nsfas Payment Delays.The Democratic Alliance (DA) has urgently called on Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande to address the delays in payment by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas), which are causing significant distress to students. Despite Nsfas citing a technical glitch as the reason for payment delays, the DA is demanding swift action to resolve the issue. check your application status now.

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Payment Delays and Technical Glitch

As we enter a new month, Nsfas has yet to disburse payments to all beneficiaries, leaving students in financial uncertainty. Nsfas initially attributed the delay to a technical glitch but assured that it had been resolved. According to their statement, Nsfas aimed to have the payments reflect in beneficiaries’ accounts by 12pm on September 1.

Immense Mental Stress

DA Students’ Organisation federal leader Liam Jacobs expressed grave concern over the impact of Nsfas’ payment delays on students, stating that it is causing “immense mental stress” and financial hardship. He emphasized the unacceptability of the situation and placed the blame on Nsfas for failing to release funds to service providers promptly.

Call for Ministerial Intervention

In response to the crisis, Jacobs implored Minister Blade Nzimande to intervene urgently and take decisive action to alleviate the suffering of students. He emphasized that it is a time for concrete measures, not empty promises, to rectify the situation and ensure timely disbursement of funds.

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Ongoing Investigation

Jacobs also acknowledged and welcomed an ongoing investigation into potential transgressions in the tender processes and concerns regarding the relationship between the director of Coinvest and the Nsfas CEO. Nsfas CEO Andile Nongogo had been placed on special leave due to allegations related to a questionable direct payment tender.

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 Jacobs highlighted the need for a sustainable funding model, emphasizing the unsustainability of the current Nsfas system. He urged a departure from its “failed socialist origins” in favor of a fresh, new approach to student financial aid.

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