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Department Clarifies: Minister Nzimande Absence in NSFAS Tender Award Process



Department Clarifies: Minister Nzimande Absence in NSFAS Tender Award Process

Department Clarifies: Minister Nzimande Absence in NSFAS Tender Award Process. The Department of Higher Education (DHET) has issued a statement to address assertions linking Minister Blade Nzimande to the awarding of a multi-million-rand tender.

Minister Nzimande Refutes Involvement in Tilson Manyoni’s Tender

Contrary to claims, Minister Blade Nzimande, responsible for Higher Education and Training, has firmly denied any role in the tender awarded to Mr. Tilson Manyoni. The Department’s official statement emphasizes that the Minister has never served as an advisor in this capacity. Furthermore, it highlights that, as per the Public Finance Management Act and relevant Treasury Regulations, Ministers are intentionally excluded from the procurement value chain to uphold process integrity.

Clearing Misconceptions: Minister Nzimande’s NSFAS Tender Involvement

The DHET statement unequivocally asserts that Minister Nzimande played no part in the NSFAS tender awarded to Mr. Manyoni or any other entity. The allegations circulating regarding the Minister’s involvement are deemed false and malicious. Minister Nzimande contends that these accusations are part of a concerted effort to tarnish his reputation and divert attention from crucial tasks related to the smooth commencement of the 2024 academic year.

Denial and Allegations: Minister Nzimande Responds to Leaked Recordings

Earlier this month, leaked recordings, made public by the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA), implicated Minister Nzimande in financial dealings with service providers connected to the NSFAS direct payment system tender.

The Minister staunchly denies these allegations, dismissing them as malicious and viewing them as a deliberate attempt to hinder the Department’s efforts in ensuring a seamless start to the academic year. Minister Nzimande believes OUTA’s actions are geared towards tarnishing both his and the department’s image, as well as undermining the NSFAS board.

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