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EFF-SC Criticizes NSFAS for Delayed Allowance Payments



EFF-SC Criticizes NSFAS for Delayed Allowance Payments

EFF-SC Criticizes NSFAS for Delayed Allowance Payments. The Economic Freedom Fighters Student Command (EFF-SC) at the University of Limpopo expresses strong disapproval of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) for failing to meet its commitment to disburse overdue student allowances by the designated deadline.

Acknowledgment of Delayed Payments

In a recent meeting held on Friday, the Student Representative Council (SRC) engaged with NSFAS officials, during which NSFAS acknowledged the substantial delays in disbursing allowances to approximately 2500 students for the months of October and November. These delays were attributed to challenges in verifying the accuracy of student information provided by the educational institution.

NSFAS Apology and Commitment

NSFAS has since issued an apology to the thousands of students across various educational institutions who have not yet received their allowances. The organization has committed to addressing the issues associated with its data exchange processes with educational institutions to ensure that the correct allowances are disbursed to the rightful recipients.


The EFF-SC criticism and NSFAS’s acknowledgment and commitment signal a need for improved efficiency in student allowance disbursement, addressing pressing concerns and delays.

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