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Ezaga NSFAS Payment Contact Details



Ezaga NSFAS Payment Contact Details

Ezaga NSFAS Payment Contact Details. If you are a student in South Africa relying on the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) for funding, knowing how to contact Ezaga for payment-related inquiries is crucial.

Ezaga is one of the service providers that facilitate NSFAS payments, ensuring that students receive their funds on time. This article provides detailed contact information and guidance on how to reach out to Ezaga for any payment issues you might encounter.

Why You Might Need to Contact Ezaga

There are several reasons why you might need to get in touch with Ezaga regarding your NSFAS payments:

  • Payment Delays: If there are delays in receiving your monthly allowance.
  • Incorrect Payment Amounts: If the amount received is not what you were expecting.
  • Account Issues: If you are facing problems with your Ezaga account or card.
  • General Inquiries: Any other questions or concerns regarding your NSFAS payments.

Ezaga NSFAS Payment Contact Details

For efficient and timely assistance, use the following contact information to reach Ezaga’s support team:

Call Center Support

One of the most direct ways to resolve your issues is by calling Ezaga’s support call center. The team is well-equipped to handle a wide range of inquiries related to NSFAS payments.

Contact Number: 086 999 0927

When calling, be prepared with your student details, such as your student number and any relevant documentation, to facilitate a smooth and quick resolution.

Email Support

If you prefer written communication or if your query is not urgent, you can email the Ezaga support team. Email support is useful for keeping a record of your correspondence and for queries that may require detailed explanations.

Email Address: [email protected]

When emailing, ensure to include your full name, student number, and a detailed description of your issue. This helps the support team to assist you more effectively.

Tips for Contacting Ezaga

To ensure a productive interaction with Ezaga’s support team, consider the following tips:

  • Be Clear and Concise: Clearly explain your issue or query to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • Provide Necessary Details: Always include your student number and any other relevant information.
  • Follow Up: If you do not receive a response within a reasonable time frame, follow up on your query.
  • Check Business Hours: Contact them during business hours for a faster response.


Having the correct contact details for Ezaga is essential for resolving any issues you might face with your NSFAS payments. Whether you prefer calling or emailing, Ezaga’s support team is ready to assist you. Keep this information handy to ensure you can swiftly address any payment concerns and focus on your studies without financial worries.

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