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How Do I Contact NSFAS For Enquiry?



How Do I Contact NSFAS For Enquiry?

How Do I Contact NSFAS For Enquiry? NSFAS, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, stands as a cornerstone for students pursuing education at public universities or TVET Colleges. Staying connected with NSFAS is vital to ensure the smooth progress of your bursary application and payments.

Government-Initiated Support for Education

NSFAS, initiated by the government, aims to provide financial assistance to students hailing from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, fostering access to higher education.

NSFAS Application and Registration Process

The NSFAS application and registration typically commence towards the end of the year for eligible students, with the NSFAS closing date falling in the subsequent calendar year.

Comprehensive Bursaries Beyond Tuition

NSFAS extends its support beyond tuition fees, covering various aspects such as registration, accommodation, transport, and book allowances.

NSFAS Funding Requirements

To be eligible for NSFAS funding, a crucial criterion is that the combined household income should not exceed R350,000 per year.

Applying for NSFAS Bursaries

Prospective and current students commonly submit their NSFAS bursary applications online through their myNSFAS accounts.

NSFAS Head Office in Cape Town City Centre

While the physical address of the NSFAS head office and contact center is in Cape Town City Centre, attending in person is not obligatory. Instead, you can easily register an account on the MyNSFAS website, ensuring you retain your login details.

NSFAS Contact Detail

For inquiries or assistance, applicants and returning students can reach NSFAS through the contact center’s toll-free number, 08000 67327, available Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Alternatively, communication can be facilitated via email at [email protected].

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