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How Facial Recognition Is Required For SASSA Grant Beneficiaries Under R370



How Facial Recognition Is Required For SASSA Grant Beneficiaries Under R370

How Facial Recognition Is Required For SASSA Grant Beneficiaries Under R370. Millions of South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) grant applications undergo evaluation each month. Among these, beneficiaries of the R370 grant may encounter a requirement for facial recognition verification.

How Facial Recognition Is Required For SASSA Grant Beneficiaries Under R370

Facial recognition serves as a pivotal tool for identity verification in two specific scenarios:

  1. Referred Status: Individuals whose R370 grant applications are flagged for review (“referred”) are prompted to undergo facial recognition to confirm their identity.
  2. Updating Mobile Number: Beneficiaries seeking to update their mobile numbers linked to the grant may also be subjected to facial recognition.

Understanding “Referred” Sassa Status

A “referred” Sassa status indicates that an applicant’s grant submission necessitates further scrutiny. Several factors may contribute to this status, including:

  1. Incomplete Application: Missing documents or erroneous data provided during application can trigger a referral for review.
  2. Data Discrepancies: Discrepancies between application details and information from other governmental entities may prompt Sassa to seek clarification.
  3. Random Selection: Sassa employs random selection to subject applications to additional checks, bolstering the integrity of their verification procedures.

Common Reasons to Change Mobile Number

R370 grant beneficiaries might find it imperative to alter their registered mobile numbers due to various circumstances, such as:

  1. Lost or Stolen Phone: In cases of phone loss or theft, updating the associated mobile number ensures secure communication and receipt of vital Sassa updates.
  2. Changed Phone Number: Individuals who have switched numbers seek to update their contact details with Sassa to receive grant-related notifications seamlessly.
  3. Incorrect Number Entry: Accidental submission of an incorrect phone number during the application process necessitates rectification.

The Facial Recognition Process

When facial recognition is mandated, beneficiaries receive two SMS messages from Sassa, with the second message containing a verification link. Clicking on this link initiates the facial recognition process. It’s crucial to note that the verification link remains valid for 72 hours (3 days). Should recipients encounter issues with SMS reception or link expiration, reaching out to the Sassa call center at 0800 60 1011 is recommended.


The integration of facial recognition in the R370 grant process underscores Sassa’s commitment to enhancing security and authenticity in disbursing social relief funds. By understanding the significance of facial recognition requirements and the implications of a “referred” Sassa status, beneficiaries can navigate the grant application process more effectively.

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