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How Much Does NSFAS Pay Per Month?



How Much Does NSFAS Pay Per Month?

How Much Does NSFAS Pay Per Month? The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) plays a crucial role in supporting students financially in South Africa. Specifically, it provides funding to students enrolled in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges. This article will detail the monthly and annual payments made by NSFAS to TVET students.

NSFAS Monthly Payments

NSFAS allocates a monthly stipend to assist TVET students with their living expenses. As of the latest update, each TVET student receives R859 per month. This amount is intended to cover various personal costs, such as food, transport, and other necessities, ensuring that students can focus on their studies without the burden of financial stress.

NSFAS Annual Payments

In addition to the monthly stipend, NSFAS provides a substantial annual amount to cover broader educational expenses. Each TVET student receives R34,250 per year. This annual payment encompasses tuition fees, learning materials, and potentially other costs related to the student’s education. By covering these expenses, NSFAS aims to make higher education accessible and affordable for all students, regardless of their financial background.

NSFAS Duration of Payments

The financial support from NSFAS continues for the entire duration of the student’s degree program, provided that the student meets the academic and other eligibility criteria set by NSFAS. This ongoing support is crucial for ensuring that students can complete their education without interruption due to financial difficulties.


NSFAS provides substantial financial support to TVET students in South Africa. The scheme offers R859 per month and R34,250 per year, assisting with both living and educational expenses. This funding is available for the entire duration of the student’s degree, significantly alleviating the financial burden and enabling students to focus on their academic and vocational training.

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