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How to Avoid SASSA Social Relief of Distress Grant Exclusions in May 2024



How to Avoid SASSA Social Relief of Distress Grant Exclusions in May 2024

How to Avoid SASSA Social Relief of Distress Grant Exclusions in May 2024. As South Africa grapples with economic challenges exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic, the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant remains a vital lifeline for millions of vulnerable individuals. However, navigating the eligibility criteria and avoiding exclusions from the grant can be daunting.

How to Avoid SASSA Social Relief of Distress Grant Exclusions in May 2024

The recent observations by Democratic Alliance shadow minister Bridget Masango shed light on the concerning trend of increasing exclusions from the SASSA SRD grant. Despite the recent increase in the grant amount to R370, budget constraints and stricter procedures have led to a surge in exclusions, posing significant challenges for eligible recipients.

Qualification Criteria and Application Process

To qualify for the SRD grant, individuals must earn less than R634 per month, aiming to support those living below the Food Poverty Line of R760 per month. Eligible applicants can apply for the grant through the SASSA SRD website or by dialing 1347737# and following the prompts on their mobile phones. It is crucial to provide accurate information and keep the agency updated about any changes in personal details to avoid exclusions.

Monthly Status Check and Updates

Regularly checking the status of your SRD grant application is essential to stay informed about its progress. The SASSA website provides a platform to monitor your application status and make necessary updates, such as submitting banking details or reapplying if required. Understanding the different status categories, including ‘Complete,’ ‘Pending,’ ‘Approved,’ and ‘Declined,’ can help recipients take appropriate actions to prevent exclusions.

May 2024 Payment Dates

For recipients expecting the May 2024 SRD grant payout, the payment period is scheduled from Saturday 25 May to Thursday 30 May 2024. However, it’s important to note that payments may take 2-3 working days to reflect in the recipient’s bank account, necessitating patience and vigilance during this period.

Reasons for SRD Exclusions

Aside from failure to meet eligibility criteria, several other factors can lead to exclusions from the SRD grant. These include non-collection of grants for three consecutive months, receiving another social grant, the beneficiary’s demise, lack of cooperation with the agency, and misrepresentation of financial means in the application, constituting fraud.


As the SASSA SRD grant continues to be a critical source of support for millions of South Africans, it is imperative to navigate the application process diligently and stay informed about eligibility criteria and updates. By proactively addressing potential exclusions and adhering to the guidelines outlined in this article, recipients can safeguard their access to the SRD grant and mitigate financial hardships in the face of economic uncertainties.

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