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Money is Being Given Away at SASSA Zulu!




Money is Being Given Away at SASSA Zulu! Social Development Lindiwe Zulu has generously donated funds to the Etafeni Centre in Nyanga, Cape Town. This centre is a beacon of hope, offering a multitude of services to the underprivileged members of the community.

Money is Being Given Away at SASSA Zulu!

The Etafeni Centre is remarkable for its extensive range of services. It offers over seven different programs, including:

  • Counselling for Victims of Gender-Based Violence
  • After-School Activities
  • Vegetable Farming Projects
  • Pre-School Education
  • Sewing Training
  • Nutrition Support
  • Community Health Services

These initiatives are designed to uplift and empower the local community, providing essential support and skills to those in need.

Ministerial Visit and Enthusiastic Support

During her visit, Minister Zulu, accompanied by officials from the National Development Agency (NDA), toured the centre. She was visibly impressed by the diverse projects and the positive impact they were having.

“To come to one place and see so many things in one place is very exciting for me. I was very happy here at Etafeni. I should have gone to another event. I was supposed to be at another program, but I just couldn’t pop in and pop out. This is because what I saw here is amazing. As vegetables that I saw outside, you can go to some shops, you cannot find such fresh vegetables,” said Zulu.

A Significant Financial Contribution

As part of her Ministerial Outreach Programme, Zulu presented a cheque for R386,775.86 from the NDA to the Etafeni Centre. This significant contribution underscores the government’s commitment to supporting community development initiatives.

Personal Success Stories

The centre’s impact is best illustrated by the personal stories of its beneficiaries. Gogo Malipuo Cabadiya (59) shared how the centre had transformed her life. Despite having no prior sewing experience before joining in November 2023, she now has the skills to craft her own clothing.

“I have the skill now but when I came here, I knew nothing about sewing. They taught me everything here and the challenge is that I don’t have a sewing machine at home. Whenever I want to work, I must come to the centre. I wish the NDA and the minister could assist us with machines. If possible, we need the machines even next week because those are the things that are standing in our way to start businesses,” she said.

Future Prospects and Gratitude

Nontombi Buthelezi, the director of Etafeni, expressed her deep gratitude for the minister’s visit and the financial support. She highlighted that the funds would be directed towards assisting 15 individuals, including gogo Malipuoa, in launching their own sewing businesses.


The visit by Minister Lindiwe Zulu and the generous donation from the NDA are vital steps in supporting and empowering the Etafeni Centre and its beneficiaries. These efforts not only provide immediate assistance but also pave the way for sustainable development and self-sufficiency in the community. The positive impact of such initiatives highlights the importance of continued support and investment in local community projects.

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