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No Evidence is Found Against NSFAS Board Chair



No Evidence is Found Against NSFAS Board Chair

No Evidence is Found Against NSFAS Board Chair. An independent investigation into the allegations against Ernest Khosa, the former chairperson of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), has concluded with no substantiated evidence.

No Evidence is Found Against NSFAS Board Chair

Ernest Khosa tenure as the NSFAS board chair came under scrutiny amidst allegations of misconduct and impropriety. Concerns were raised regarding his leadership and management of the organization responsible for disbursing financial aid to South African students.

Independent Investigation

The investigation, conducted by a reputable third-party entity, aimed to thoroughly examine the allegations against Khosa. It involved rigorous scrutiny of financial records, interviews with relevant stakeholders, and a comprehensive review of NSFAS’s operational procedures during Khosa’s tenure.

Findings of the Investigation

After meticulous examination, the investigation found no substantiated evidence to support the allegations leveled against Ernest Khosa. The findings suggest that Khosa conducted his duties as board chairperson in accordance with established protocols and without any indication of misconduct.

Implications for NSFAS

With the investigation clearing Ernest Khosa of any wrongdoing, it brings relief to the NSFAS organization and its stakeholders. This outcome ensures that the focus can now return to the core mission of NSFAS: providing financial assistance to deserving students across South Africa.


The conclusion of the independent investigation marks a significant development in the controversy surrounding Ernest Khosa’s tenure as NSFAS board chair. With no evidence found to support the allegations against him, Khosa reputation stands vindicated, allowing him to move forward with confidence. This outcome underscores the importance of thorough investigations in resolving allegations of misconduct and upholding the principles of fairness and justice.

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