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NSFAS Allowance Delays Plunge Rhodes University Students into Crisis



NSFAS Allowance Delays Plunge Rhodes University Students into Crisis

NSFAS Allowance Delays Plunge Rhodes University Students into Crisis.Numerous students at Rhodes University are facing dire circumstances as they enter their third month without receiving their National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) allowances.

NSFAS Allowance Delays Plunge Rhodes University Students into Crisis

This situation has arisen due to NSFAS outsourcing the payment of monthly student allowances to financial intermediaries who have demonstrated inefficiency since taking over on July 1. The repercussions have prompted protests across multiple regions in South Africa, resulting in arrests. At Rhodes University, where Coinvest now oversees the allowance disbursements, students have been left in a state of financial hardship and vulnerability.

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Challenges Faced by Students:

Students at Rhodes University are grappling with the consequences of not receiving their NSFAS allowances since June. The newly appointed financial intermediary, Coinvest, has failed to ensure timely payments, leaving students in dire straits. These students come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and the absence of funds has exposed them to extreme difficulties and suffering.

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Stories of Struggle:

Students have come forward with disheartening accounts of their struggles. Great Obasi, an on-campus student, highlighted the hardships she faces due to the lack of funds, even for basic necessities like toiletries. She shared her inability to afford essential items, including iron supplements for her health condition. Magrieta Makua expressed sadness over relying on her parents for support after NSFAS cut off her allowance, emphasizing the tough circumstances they are enduring.

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Insufficient Allowances Impacting Lives:

Students receiving meager allowances are struggling to meet their needs. One student, who chose to remain anonymous, revealed that their R300 allowance hardly covers essential expenses like sanitary pads. Another student, Zandile Mthethwa, outlined the unfairness of receiving inadequate funds for off-campus living expenses while contending with high rent costs. Groceries often run out prematurely, leading to financial stress and uncertainty.

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Lack of Communication and Accountability:

The absence of communication regarding allowance changes has intensified students’ challenges. The lack of prior notice about these alterations and the absence of updates on problem-solving efforts have left students feeling marginalized. The Financial Aid office at Rhodes University faces limitations in addressing the issue, as the responsibility lies with both NSFAS and Coinvest.

Students Seek Solutions:

Students, along with their representative bodies, are actively seeking solutions to the crisis. Adrian February, an Oppidan Councillor on the Student Representative Council (SRC), has been inundated with complaints and is exploring avenues for resolution. The United Student Movement (USM) is considering engaging Rhodes University’s Vice-Chancellor for emergency support. This support is crucial as students face eviction threats due to their inability to pay rent.

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Hope Amidst Hardship:

While students endure their ordeal, the Grand Res manager, Melinda Botha, remains understanding of their struggles. She refuses to evict students, expressing faith that the situation will eventually be resolved. Despite the difficulties, students acknowledge the leniency of Grand Res and the compassion they have received.

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Government Intervention and Investigation:

Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, has set a deadline for the NSFAS board to devise a solution to the crisis by August 30. Additionally, the board is investigating the NSFAS CEO, Andile Nongogo, for potential conflicts of interest and alleged involvement in bid presentations by financial intermediaries.


The plight of Rhodes University students without their NSFAS allowances underscores the challenges faced by those reliant on financial aid for their education. The mismanagement of disbursements has not only caused financial distress but has also ignited a call for accountability and urgent solutions.

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