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NSFAS Announces Allowance Payment Dates for September



NSFAS Announces Allowance Payment Dates for September

NSFAS Announces Allowance Payment Dates for September. More than one million students are eagerly awaiting their NSFAS allowance payments for September. These funds are crucial for covering expenses such as rent and food. Unfortunately, recent reports of extended delays in NSFAS allowance payments have left thousands of students feeling anxious and uncertain. Check your application status now.

NSFAS Sets the Record Straight

In response to these reports, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has categorically denied any delays in the disbursement of September allowances. They have labeled such reports as fake news and are confident that students will receive their monthly allowances on time.

A Lifeline for Students

NSFAS currently supports over one million students enrolled in approved programs at public universities and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges across South Africa. Their allowances play a critical role in covering the various costs associated with pursuing tertiary education qualifications.

What Students Receive

Students benefit from a range of allowances, including living allowances, accommodation allowances, learning material allowances, and even transport allowances for those not residing in university residences. In addition to these allowances, NSFAS also covers tuition and registration fees for eligible students.

Dispelling Delay Rumors

Contrary to rumors claiming a delay in allowance payments until September 5, 2023, due to alleged “delays between NSFAS and service providers,” NSFAS vehemently denies these allegations. The truth is that NSFAS will be disbursing allowances through its direct payment system on September 1, 2023.

Overcoming Technical Challenges

Acknowledging that a technical glitch initially hindered allowance payments, NSFAS assures students that the issue has been resolved. As a result, allowance payments will be made by midnight on August 31, 2023.

Apologies for the Inconvenience

NSFAS extends its sincere apologies to students for the payment delay and any inconvenience it may have caused. They are committed to ensuring that such delays do not recur in the future.

Accessing September Allowances

With allowance payments set to be processed on August 31, 2023, students can expect to see their funds reflected in their NSFAS bank accounts on September 1, 2023. Once the allowance payment is available, students can begin utilizing their funds for their various needs.


NSFAS has reassured students that their September allowances will be disbursed on time, dispelling rumors of delays. While a technical glitch briefly impacted the process, it has been resolved, and payments will be made by midnight on August 31, 2023. NSFAS apologizes for any inconvenience caused and remains committed to supporting students in their pursuit of higher education. Students can anticipate accessing their allowances and addressing their financial needs as planned on September 1, 2023.

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