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NSFAS Appoints New Executive Amid CEO Investigation



NSFAS Appoints New Executive Amid CEO Investigation

NSFAS Appoints New Executive Amid CEO Investigation. As the investigation into CEO Andile Nongogo continues, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has taken a significant step by appointing a new Executive: Core Business, Errol Mandla Makhubela. This strategic move is aimed at improving various aspects of NSFAS operations, such as application processing, allowances disbursement, and customer care.

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Meet Errol Mandla Makhubela

Errol Mandla Makhubela is set to join NSFAS, commencing his duties at the government bursary scheme in December 2023. He brings a wealth of experience from the South African financial services sector, having previously served as the Chief Director at the National Treasury and chaired notable boards, including the Financial Sector Development and Reform Program and the SADC Exchange Control Committee.

Makhubela educational background is impressive, with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Economics and Finance, a postgraduate degree in the Law of Banking and Financial Markets, and a master’s in business leadership (MBL).

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Expected Contributions and Relief

NSFAS anticipates that Makhubela’s appointment will not only ease the workload for existing executives but also enhance crucial operational areas, including application processing, allowances disbursement, and customer care. His expertise will prove valuable in these domains.

Mr. Makhubela will also oversee the implementation of new policies, particularly those related to student accommodation and direct payments.

Strengthening Leadership and Ongoing Appointments

The NSFAS Board views this appointment as a pivotal move in fortifying the organization’s leadership and fulfilling its mandate. Moreover, NSFAS has revealed its intention to make further appointments in the future, with the objective of building a more proficient and capable team.

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CEO Investigation

NSFAS continues to await the outcome of the investigation into CEO Andile Nongogo, who was placed on special leave in August due to allegations of maladministration from his previous employer. The investigation seeks to establish whether service providers from his past employment have engaged with NSFAS and whether these providers are registered financial entities. It also examines any historical business and tender relationships between the CEO and the directors of these companies.

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Reports indicate that Nongogo was not only present but also participated in the process of selecting and awarding contracts to four Financial Service Providers: Coinvest, eZaga, Noracco, and Tenet Technology. This ongoing investigation remains of critical importance to NSFAS.

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