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NSFAS Board Chair to be Investigated Further by OUTA



NSFAS Board Chair to be Investigated Further by OUTA

NSFAS Board Chair to be Investigated Further by OUTA. The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) has called for intensified investigations into the conduct of former National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) board chair, Ernest Khosa. Allegations of leaked board decisions and irregularities in contract awards have cast a shadow over Khosa’s tenure, prompting calls for accountability and transparency within the organization.

NSFAS Board Chair to be Investigated Further by OUTA

OUTA investigation into NSFAS revealed concerning findings regarding Khosa’s alleged involvement in leaking confidential board decisions. Additionally, accusations have surfaced suggesting that the former CEO facilitated contract awards in exchange for kickbacks, tarnishing the reputation of NSFAS and raising questions about ethical practices within the institution.

Khosa Response

In response to the allegations, Ernest Khosa has vehemently denied any wrongdoing and has taken a leave of absence to allow for a thorough investigation into the matter. Despite his denial, the severity of the allegations has prompted scrutiny from various quarters, including civil society organizations and government authorities.

Resignation and Ministerial Intervention

Subsequently, Ernest Khosa tendered his resignation from the NSFAS board, citing personal reasons. However, his departure came amidst mounting pressure for accountability and transparency within the organization. Furthermore, the Minister intervened, dismissing the entire board, signaling a significant shakeup within NSFAS’s leadership structure.

OUTA Stance

OUTA has emphasized the importance of holding individuals in positions of authority accountable for their actions. The organization has urged for thorough investigations into the allegations against Ernest Khosa and any other implicated parties. Additionally, OUTA has called for reforms within NSFAS to prevent similar occurrences in the future and to restore public trust in the institution.


The allegations against former NSFAS board chair, Ernest Khosa, have sparked widespread concern and prompted calls for further investigations. With OUTA advocating for accountability and transparency, the spotlight remains firmly on ensuring integrity within NSFAS and upholding ethical standards in the management of public funds. As the investigations unfold, the outcomes will be crucial in determining the future trajectory of NSFAS and restoring faith in its mandate to support students in need.

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