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NSFAS Confirms Payment Of Allowances To All TVET Colleges



NSFAS Confirms Payment Of Allowances To All TVET Colleges

Students attending public higher learning institutions can apply for NSFAS bursaries. All funded students of the current academic year have good news this week thanks to the bursary scheme for TVET colleges.

All TVET colleges across the country have been paid by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

NSFAS Confirms Payment Of Allowances To All TVET Colleges

It follows an announcement last month by NSFAS that it had received registration information from all TVET colleges and was preparing to pay the institutions.

“NSFAS has successfully made payments to TVET Colleges that have submitted registration information for students and will continue to make payments as and when information is received.”

Upon receiving their registration information, students in this cohort will start receiving their allowance by Friday. Also, students are advised to make sure the NSFAS Bank Account has been set up on the scheme’s website.  

TVET students who have submitted registration data to NSFAS by 10 March 2023 should receive allowances by then. For more information about the NSFAS Bank Account, please visit 

Many students who rely on NSFAS for financial assistance will be relieved by the successful payment of funds to TVET colleges.

In order to assist students who cannot afford their tertiary education, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme provides government funding assistance.

In addition, students who have questions regarding their funding status are encouraged to contact the bursary or contact NSFAS directly through their official Twitter account. In their queries, students should include their ID information.


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