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NSFAS-DHET Laptop Application form 2023



NSFAS-DHET Laptop Application form 2023

To apply for NSFAS 2023-2024, please visit online application portal, create myNSFAS Account, and click Apply. Complete the application according to the instructions

How do I Check my NSFAS Application Status?

If NSFAS will notify you by SMS or email if your application for 2023 has been approved or denied. For the 2023-2024 academic year, you must log on to “myNSFAS Account Portal” to determine if your application has been “Provisionally Funded”.

To NSFAS is responsible for all applications and registration processes, so if you would like more information about NSFAS Applications 2023/2024, please contact NSFAS.

Application Form To Activate The Dhet Bursary Learning Material Allowances For 2023

Applicants must please take note the following

  • According to the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) eligibility criteria and conditions – Clause:
    “ A student who is receiving financial aid from NSFAS for the first time is required to purchase a digital learning device in that year of
  • study if the student is not in possession of a digital learning device already.”
    Only students on the DHET Bursary Scheme qualify for this allowance.
  • Closing date: 17 March 2023


I, the undersigned hereby declare the following:

  • I made my final decision on the use and application of my learning material allowances allocated by NSFAS for the 2023 academic year.
  • By choosing to receive the allowance in my personal bank account, I will :-
  • abide by the eligibility criteria and conditions set by DHET Bursary Grant and utilize the learning material allowance provided to me to
    purchase only text books and/or devices;
  •  take full responsibility to ensure that I have the necessary learning material to assist me with the required University teaching and learning methods.
  • By choosing to receive a laptop, I
  • acknowledge that the maximum amount payable for the device will be the amount equal to the learning material allowance provided by
    NSFAS in the applicable academic year;
  • acknowledge that I will only be eligible to benefit once for the duration of my academic career;
  • declare that I will be liable for the debt of this laptop should my funding status change at NSFAS or I cancel my studies or by any reason
    NSFAS rejected me afterwards;
  • will ensure the maintenance and upkeep of the device as well as its insurance, and or licences.
  • The University take no responsibility if any laptop is damaged or stolen.

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