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NSFAS Faces Backlash for Delayed Student Allowance Payments



NSFAS Faces Backlash for Delayed Student Allowance Payments

NSFAS Faces Backlash for Delayed Student Allowance Payments. Students across South African universities express frustration as NSFAS fails to disburse their allowances on time, attributing the delay to a technical issue. check your application status now.

Technical Glitch Causes Payment Delay

NSFAS beneficiaries were expecting to receive their living, incidental, and travel allowances but were left empty-handed due to a technical glitch.

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NSFAS’ Response

In a statement, NSFAS acknowledged the issue and assured students that payments would be made by midnight on September 1, expressing regret for the inconvenience caused.

University Reactions

North West University (NWU) expressed disappointment in NSFAS for not notifying them or the service provider, Norraco, about potential payment delays.

Contracted Entities Under Scrutiny

Fintech companies contracted by NSFAS have been paying allowances on the last day of the month since June, with students criticizing the excessive transaction charges imposed by these entities.

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Student Outrage

Student representative councils and individuals like William Sezoe from Stellenbosch University have voiced their frustration, citing a lack of transparency and effective governance structures at NSFAS.

Complaints to the Public Protector

William Sezoe lodged a complaint with the Public Protector against NSFAS’ direct payment system in July, highlighting the impact of delayed allowances on students’ well-being.

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The delayed allowance payments by NSFAS have raised concerns among students and university authorities, calling for improved communication and transparency in the disbursement process.

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