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Nsfas Funding Changes Slammed by EFF Student Command



Nsfas Funding Changes Slammed by EFF Student Command

Nsfas Funding Changes Slammed by EFF Student Command.A number of students who receive funding from NSFAS have reported unexpected changes in their application statuses, transitioning from approved to rejected. Consequently, student communities nationwide have brought attention to various funding-related problems that require resolution. As the 2023 academic year commenced, protests emerged at numerous educational institutions throughout the country, primarily driven by student apprehensions regarding financial assistance from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

Nsfas Funding Changes Slammed by EFF Student Command

In May, a large group of dissatisfied students from various institutions across the country marched to the NSFAS office in Cape Town, demanding action to address their grievances. These concerns encompassed issues such as funding statuses, student accommodations, the newly implemented direct payment system, and NSFAS allowances.

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Despite ongoing struggles faced by numerous beneficiaries, several students have recently expressed their apprehension, stating that they find themselves in a state of uncertainty as their statuses suddenly shifted from “approved” applicants to “rejected” individuals.

According to these students, they had initially been approved by the bursary scheme and had been receiving monthly allowances since the start of the year. However, their payments abruptly ceased in May.

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EFF Student Command Recently Issued a Statement

The EFF Student Command recently issued a statement disclosing their correspondence with Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande and NSFAS, addressing various concerns raised by students.

The students of South Africa are growing increasingly frustrated, and if our pleas continue to be ignored, we will be left with no alternative but to exercise our democratic rights and take to the streets. Zwanga Dombo, Secretary-General of the EFF Student Command, highlighted that they were aware of a significant number of students who initially had a fully funded status but experienced a sudden change in the middle of the academic year.

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Dombo emphasized that NSFAS has provided no explanation to the nation regarding how a student’s status can be altered from “fully funded” to “pending decision.” He further remarked, “This has resulted in thousands of students not receiving their allowances, while others face eviction from landlords and student accommodation providers.”

The EFF Command also pointed out several other alleged issues, including:

  • The defunding of eligible NSFAS students.
  • Inefficiencies and excessively high transaction charges associated with the NSFAS direct payment system and its service providers.
  • The need for NSFAS to establish offices in all nine provinces.
  • Instances of corruption involving vice chancellors, principals, and middle management.
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The EFF Student Command stressed, “We have consistently warned, through numerous letters, protests, sit-ins, and meetings, that if these concerns are disregarded and not urgently and seriously addressed, they have the potential to trigger a higher education crisis with consequences far more significant than those witnessed during the #MustFall movement in 2015-2016.”

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