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NSFAS Sends Warning To Students Concerning Allowances



NSFAS Sends Warning To Students Concerning Allowances

Food, learning materials, and transportation costs are covered by allowances provided by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. Students have been given advice by the financial aid scheme to avoid scammers stealing their allowance money.

NSFAS Sends Warning To Students Concerning Allowances

 Students should not share their NSFAS credentials with anyone, including the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).Several websites and social media groups aimed at collecting information about students have been identified by the financial aid scheme.

Students are being solicited for personal information by individuals under the financial aid scheme. NSFAS allowances intended for students can be withdrawn using this information.

  • It has been reported to NSFAS that fraudulent websites target students and attempt to collect sensitive information from them, including login details and promises to assist them in withdrawing their allowances.

In the financial aid scheme, students are reminded that neither NSFAS nor their payment partners will require personal information from them. There is a risk of fraudulent activity among students, according to them.

Student allowance payments will now be made with a Mastercard provided by NSFAS beginning in 2023. Student payment solutions were provided by Coinvest, eZaga, Norraco and Tenet Technology in partnership with four distribution partners.

Students’ information is being solicited by fraudsters posing as these distribution partners.

The NSFAS and its payment partners will never ask students to share their login details with anyone as this is a scam.NSFAS added that any request students receive for their personal information must be reported to the authorities and must be handled with extreme caution.

The appropriate authorities should be notified as soon as any such information request is received without extreme caution.

Bursaries are provided by NSFAS to assist students from poor or working class backgrounds to obtain tertiary education qualifications.NSFAS will cover students’ tuition and registration, as well as several allowances for tertiary education-related expenses.

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