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Postbank Assures Beneficiaries: No Need to Replace Expired Sassa Gold Cards



Postbank Assures Beneficiaries: No Need to Replace Expired Sassa Gold Cards

Postbank Assures Beneficiaries: No Need to Replace Expired Sassa Gold Cards. In a recent announcement, Postbank, the institution responsible for facilitating grant payments, has emphasized that grant beneficiaries can continue using their expired Sassa gold cards without any disruptions.

Sassa Gold Cards: Key Access to Social Grants

With approximately 19 million beneficiaries in South Africa relying on social grants from the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa), the Sassa gold card plays a crucial role in facilitating monthly distributions. Various grants, including the Older Persons pension grant, Disability grant, and others, are distributed seamlessly through these gold cards.

Postbank’s Assurance: Validity Throughout 2024

Postbank has reassured all social grant recipients that, despite the expiration of their Sassa Gold Cards, the cards remain fully valid and functional for all social grant payments throughout the entirety of 2024. This assurance eliminates the need for beneficiaries to change banks or replace their gold cards.

No Need for Replacement: Grants to Continue Seamlessly

Postbank advises beneficiaries not to heed advice to switch to another bank due to the expiration of their Sassa Gold Card. Grant payments will continue seamlessly and on time through the existing, albeit expired, Sassa Gold Card. Beneficiaries are urged to report anyone instructing them to change banks, emphasizing that only Postbank is authorized to replace the Sassa Gold Card. Reports can be made by calling 0800 53 54 55.

Accessible Grant Payments at Various Points

Beneficiaries can conveniently collect their Sassa grants at various payment points, including ATMs and retail stores such as Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, and Boxer.

Changes in Post Office Grant Payments

Postbank highlights that cash services at Post Office branches will be phased out gradually as part of a strategy to enhance customer service standards. While beneficiaries won’t be able to withdraw cash at Post Offices, they have the option to have their grants deposited directly into their bank accounts for easy access. For those facing issues with lost or stolen Sassa Gold Cards, replacements can be obtained at any Post Office branch nationwide.

Benefits of Sassa Gold Cards

Sassa Gold Cards offer beneficiaries various transaction benefits, including free withdrawals in retail shops and free statements. These features empower beneficiaries and contribute to saving on transaction costs.

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