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Postbank Confirms Successful Payment of All November SASSA Grants



Postbank Confirms Successful Payment of All November SASSA Grants

Postbank Confirms Successful Payment of All November SASSA Grants. Millions of vulnerable individuals rely on social grant payments each month, and a recent technical glitch had affected the timely distribution of South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) social grants. However, Postbank has now confirmed the successful payment of all outstanding grants for November .

The Technical Glitch

Earlier this month, Postbank faced an operational hiccup when its system malfunctioned, causing a delay in payments for pensioners and individuals with disabilities. Recipients encountered “transaction incomplete errors” due to communication timeouts within the system. Approximately 600,000 recipients experienced partial or complete non-payment of their grants, with 60,000 beneficiaries still awaiting their funds as of last week.

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Resolution and Accessibility

In a statement released on Tuesday, Postbank’s spokesperson, Bongani Diako, announced that all outstanding SASSA grant payments impacted by the system glitch on November 5th and 6th had been successfully processed and deposited into recipients’ accounts. The process of reversing funds into affected beneficiaries’ accounts has been completed, allowing many SASSA gold card holders to access their money through ATMs and retailers.

Recipients with inquiries regarding their social grant payments are encouraged to contact Postbank for assistance.

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Preventing Future Issues

Human rights organization Black Sash has raised concerns about the potential for future technical issues. They have called on the Department of Social Development (DSD) and SASSA to devise a plan to mitigate such problems. Black Sash expressed disappointment in the absence of a preventative plan from government officials and agency CEOs.

Black Sash emphasized the importance of protecting vulnerable beneficiaries, particularly the elderly, from further delays in accessing their grant funds. They have urged SASSA and Postbank to share their plan in case of future technical challenges, emphasizing the need to finalize and sign the Master Service Agreement (MSA) between SASSA and Postbank to ensure accountability.

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Attempts to Defraud Postbank

Postbank also reported incidents of individuals attempting to defraud the bank by seeking double payments. However, Postbank’s stringent systems have thwarted these attempts. Postbank condemned such behavior, emphasizing that it not only disrupts the system but also perpetuates the misconception that many SASSA beneficiaries remain unpaid. Incidents of fraud will be reported to law enforcement agencies.


Postbank has successfully resolved the November grant payment issue, but questions remain about preventing future glitches and the need for increased accountability to safeguard vulnerable beneficiaries.

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