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Postbank Resolves Backlog Social Grant Payments Restored to Beneficiaries



Postbank Resolves Backlog Social Grant Payments Restored to Beneficiaries

Postbank Resolves Backlog Social Grant Payments Restored to Beneficiaries.Resolution of Backlog in Social Grant Payments After Postbank’s Technical Issues.

Postbank Resolves Backlog Social Grant Payments Restored to Beneficiaries

The backlog of social grant payments that resulted from technical glitches at Postbank has now been successfully resolved. These glitches, which inconvenienced numerous beneficiaries, particularly those holding South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) cards, were fully addressed on September 6th.

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Recipients Stranded Due to Technical Glitches

During the period of technical difficulties, recipients were left stranded as they were unable to conduct any transactions nationwide. Both Sassa and Postbank have officially confirmed the resolution of these technical issues.

Significant Impact on Beneficiaries

Dr. Bongani Diako, the spokesperson for Postbank, noted that a substantial number of beneficiaries were affected by this issue. Out of approximately 5.2 million individuals using Postbank-Sassa cards, just above 400,000 beneficiaries encountered difficulties in accessing their funds. However, Postbank has now successfully processed the owed money back into their accounts.

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Full Restoration of ATM Sassa Grant Transactions

All access to ATM Sassa grant transactions has been fully restored, with only a few exceptions remaining where some beneficiaries’ funds are not yet in their accounts.

Challenges for Postbank-Sassa Gold Card Users

Beneficiaries using the Postbank-Sassa gold card faced challenges in making withdrawals or initiating transactions at ATMs and various retailers, other than the Postbank point of sale (POS), despite the state agency having already made payments for their accounts. Many recipients sought assistance when experiencing difficulties with money withdrawals from ATMs and shops, resulting in frustration and inconvenience, especially for those in rural areas.

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Importance of Social Grants

Bridget Masango, the DA shadow minister of Social Development, highlights the significance of social grants in South Africa, with 44% of the country’s 60.6 million people relying on them as their primary source of income to support their families. Sassa reportedly distributes permanent social grants to more than 18 million people in the country every month.


These efforts to clear the backlog of social grant payments are crucial in ensuring the financial stability of a substantial portion of South Africa’s population.

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