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Reminder Please Submit an SRD Grant Appeal for July 2023



Reminder Please Submit an SRD Grant Appeal for July 2023

Through social grants, the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) provides financial support to vulnerable individuals. The social grants allow beneficiaries without jobs or earning low incomes to purchase basic goods and services every month.South African Social Security Agency provides social grants to millions of vulnerable people every month, but some applicants have been unsuccessful when applying for grants. It is possible for these individuals to file an appeal.

Check your payment Sassa Status Check How To Check Your July 2023 Sassa Grant Status .

Reminder Please Submit an SRD Grant Appeal for July 2023

Individuals older than 60 years of age who need financial assistance are eligible for the older persons grant. Children are also supported by Sassa through several grants.People with disabilities rely on disability grants for vital support. The grant in aid is provided to social grant beneficiaries who require full-time care. It is intended to pay a caregiver.

The process for appealing the R350 Sassa grant for July 2023

  • Please visit the website of the ITSAA
  • Please enter your identification number
  • During the application process, you used your cell phone number
  • Send the “Pin” by clicking on it
  • You will be required to insert the pin and click “Submit” once you receive it
  • You can appeal for a specific month by selecting it
  • Using the drop-down arrow, select the reason for your appeal application
  • The appeal application process can be completed by clicking “Submit”

How Much R350 grant appeal Take Time

R350 grant appeals are finalised by the ITSAA within 60 to 90 days. Within 180 days of receiving the ITSAA’s decision, appeal applicants may approach the high court for judicial review if they are dissatisfied with the decision. For every month their grant application was rejected, appeal applicants must submit an R350 grant appeal.

If you disagree with Sassa’s decision to reject your grant application, you can appeal to the Minister of Social Development in writing. Sassa staff will advise unsuccessful grant applicants how to submit an appeal application.

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