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Resolution of Technical Issue for Postbank SASSA Gold Cards



Resolution of Technical Issue for Postbank SASSA Gold Cards

Resolution of Technical Issue for Postbank SASSA Gold Cards.The previously intermittent technical difficulty that affected customers receiving social grants through the Postbank South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) Gold Cards has now been successfully resolved. This issue had impacted ATM and Post Office branch transactions for these customers.

Access Restored for SASSA Customers

As a result of this resolution, SASSA customers who rely on the Postbank SASSA Gold Cards can once again access their social grants money through ATMs and Post Office branches without any hindrance.

Reversals of Debit Transactions Underway

The Postbank is actively working on reversing the funds debited from accounts that experienced declines due to a system error starting from Tuesday. It is important to note that beneficiaries who attempted withdrawals during this period are advised to allow some time for this process to be completed. It is expected that the funds will be fully reversed into all beneficiary accounts within the next 24 hours.

Efforts to Restore Retailer Transactions

The Postbank’s technical teams are diligently working to restore all transactions within retailer locations to their full capacity. Some intermittent challenges still persist with transactions conducted through this channel, and efforts are being made to rectify them.

Continued Apology and Appreciation

The Postbank extends its sincere apologies to its valued customers for any inconvenience caused by this incident. They express their gratitude for the patience demonstrated during this period and commit to providing further updates on the situation.

Validity of SASSA Gold Cards

It is important to clarify that the technical challenge experienced with grants withdrawals is an isolated incident and not a reflection of the validity of the Postbank SASSA Gold Cards. These cards remain a valid means for accessing social grant payments, regardless of the expiry date written on the cards. Postbank will replace the cards within the cards replacement period granted by the Reserve Bank.Source:

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