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Safety Concerns Lead to Temporary Closure of SASSA Chatsworth Offices



Safety Concerns Lead to Temporary Closure of SASSA Chatsworth Offices

Safety Concerns Lead to Temporary Closure of SASSA Chatsworth Offices. In a recent development, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has temporarily closed its offices in Chatsworth due to significant safety concerns. A senior Labour inspector revealed a range of issues, including structural integrity problems, electrical issues, and concerns related to health, safety, and hygiene.

Declaring the Chatsworth Office Unsafe

On Thursday, the social security agency officially declared the Chatsworth branch unsafe for occupation, emphasizing its commitment to ensuring the well-being of both staff and the public.

Temporary Closure Pending Safety Certification

SASSA has communicated its intention to reopen the Chatsworth offices once the building’s structural integrity is certified as safe, ensuring it no longer poses a risk to health and safety. The temporary closure aims to address the identified issues and create a secure environment for all.

Alternative Service Locations

During the closure, SASSA has urged grant beneficiaries to utilize its other operational offices in Durban, Umlazi, Pinetown, and Wentworth to access essential services without disruption.

Extensive Investigations by the Department of Labour

Lennie Samuel from the Department of Labour highlighted the thoroughness of their investigations at the Chatsworth site. The extent of the issues discovered led to the issuance of a prohibition notice affecting not only the SASSA office but also the Home Affairs Department and the mental health clinic. This notice restricts both staff and the public from accessing services until the necessary attention is given to rectify the situation and ensure compliance with safety standards.

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