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Sassa Chaos At Post Offices Due To Expiring Cards



Sassa Chaos At Post Offices Due To Expiring Cards

In Athlone, Cape Town, chaos reigned outside the post office this week as numerous SASSA cards due to expire were being renewed.

Sassa Chaos At Post Offices Due To Expiring Cards

The SASSA card renewal issue may be more widespread than previously thought. Black Sash is concerned that the problem may be much more widespread than previously thought.Beneficiaries’ social allowance cards are topped up by Postbank.Beneficiaries whose cards have already expired are advised to visit their nearest post office to receive a new one.This service is not available at all post offices, however.

Around 175,000 Cards Already Expired

According to Postbank spokesperson Bongani Diako, around 175,000 cards expired at the end of March.Almost all beneficiaries whose cards expired last month have already received new cards from the post office. However, the number of people who still need new cards is growing rapidly.

Postal Bank estimates that 860,000 cards will expire in April, nearly 2.8 million next month, and another 1.8 million in June

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