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SASSA Gold Card Expiry Concerns and Potential Extensions



SASSA Gold Card Expiry Concerns and Potential Extensions

SASSA Gold Card Expiry Concerns and Potential Extensions. The Department of Social Development, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), and Postbank have faced criticism from the Democratic Alliance for their failure to effectively communicate about the expiring gold cards. This article explores the concerns surrounding the expiring cards and the potential for an extension.

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Potential Extension for Expired Cards

At the beginning of the year, the Department of Social Development announced an extension for the expiration of the gold cards. Nevertheless, the Democratic Alliance contends that the lack of clear communication from these departments is causing anxiety among beneficiaries.

Alexander Abrahams, the deputy shadow minister of Social Development, warns of potential challenges such as long queues, technical and biometric issues, SAPO branches running out of cards, and vulnerable individuals going home without the necessary support.

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Addressing the Uncertainty

In July, Minister Lindiwe Zulu disclosed plans to inform beneficiaries about the process of obtaining their new cards from the Post Office. To prevent beneficiaries from overcrowding the post office and potentially leaving empty-handed, the possibility of another extension is under consideration.

A Possible Humanitarian Crisis

Abrahams suggests that Minister Zulu may have no choice but to seek an extension from the Payments Association of South Africa to avert a potential humanitarian crisis.

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How to Receive Grants in a Personal Bank Account

For beneficiaries interested in changing their grant payment method to a personal bank account, the process involves completing a Sassa Annexure C (bank form). This form can be obtained from any Sassa office or downloaded online. The steps to follow include:

  1. Taking the completed form to your bank for verification and stamping.
  2. Submitting the verified form to a local Sassa office for processing.
  3. Once the written request is processed, Sassa will deposit the social grant money directly into the bank account.
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