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SASSA Grant Beneficiaries Still Await Payments Despite Minister Assurances



SASSA Grant Beneficiaries Still Await Payments Despite Minister Assurances

SASSA Grant Beneficiaries Still Await Payments Despite Minister Assurances. Despite the claims made by the Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies, Mondli Gungubele, regarding the payment of all South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) grants, a significant number of beneficiaries dispute the accuracy of these statements.

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Missed Opportunity to Address Payment Issues

During a recent media briefing, Minister Gungubele had the chance to be transparent about the Postbank’s grant payment failures. Unfortunately, he chose to divert attention by criticizing an eNCA journalist who exposed the truth that SASSA grant recipients were being instructed to return to payment locations on different dates to access either their full grants or partial amounts.

Restricted Reporting Access Highlights Crisis

eNCA, in its efforts to report on the ongoing SASSA payment crisis, encountered obstacles when denied access to cover the situation from the premises of the Lenasia Post Office.

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Government Display of Arrogance

Amidst this turmoil, the ANC government’s arrogance was evident, while grant beneficiaries, already in precarious financial situations, found themselves spending funds they didn’t possess and returning home without the assistance they were promised.

The DA Ongoing Vigilance

In the coming two weeks, the Democratic Alliance (DA) will closely monitor the next round of grant payments to determine if the Postbank’s assurances that all technical issues have been resolved hold true. During this time, Minister Gungubele is urged to issue an apology to those beneficiaries who continue to be affected, acknowledging their struggles rather than attempting to conceal them.

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