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SASSA Grant Chaos Beneficiaries Left in Limbo as Postbank Delays Payments



SASSA Grant Chaos Beneficiaries Left in Limbo as Postbank Delays Payments

SASSA Grant Chaos Beneficiaries Left in Limbo as Postbank Delays Payments.Social grant beneficiaries are facing a frustrating ordeal as they continue to wait for their SASSA grants despite Postbank’s announcement that all funds have been deposited into their accounts. This article explores the ongoing issue and the experiences of beneficiaries caught in the midst of this financial dilemma.

Delayed Disbursement of SASSA Grants

Payment week for the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) commenced earlier this week, starting with the older person’s grant. However, a technical glitch with Postbank has resulted in beneficiaries being unable to access their funds. Reports have surfaced regarding difficulties making purchases at retail stores and withdrawing cash from ATMs.

False Hope: Broken Promises

Postbank and SASSA initially assured beneficiaries that their money would be made available on Friday, urging older persons and pensioners to visit stores and ATMs to access their funds. Unfortunately, this promise remained unfulfilled for many beneficiaries.

In a subsequent statement on Saturday evening, Postbank affirmed, “Postbank would like to confirm that SASSA social grants money for all beneficiaries has been credited into the accounts and the money is available for withdrawal from any available channels that include ATM’s, retailers, and Post Office branches.”

Beneficiaries Express Their Frustrations

Beneficiaries and their family members have taken to social media to express their frustrations, contradicting the statements made by SASSA and Postbank. Many report that their accounts and cards still show no available funds. One individual recounted visiting multiple stores, only to find no money in their account, while another revealed that the technical glitch had forced them into the hospital due to a lack of funds for essential medication.

Seeking Solutions

For those still facing difficulties, SASSA and Postbank recommend the following steps:

  1. Email: Reach out to [email protected].
  2. Call: Contact 0800 53 54 55.

Ensure that the email includes your beneficiaries’ gold card number and ID number for assistance in resolving the issue.


As beneficiaries continue to grapple with this financial setback, the pressure remains on SASSA and Postbank to rectify the situation promptly and ensure that recipients receive the financial support they desperately need.

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