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SASSA Grant Withdrawals Hit by Technical Glitch



SASSA Grant Withdrawals Hit by Technical Glitch

SASSA Grant Withdrawals Hit by Technical Glitch.The Postbank, responsible for facilitating SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) grant withdrawals, has reported a technical issue affecting beneficiaries’ ability to access their funds from ATMs or retailers.

SASSA Grant Withdrawals Hit by Technical Glitch

This issue primarily impacts recipients of the SASSA Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, while those using SASSA Gold Cards can still withdraw their grants from Post Offices.

Technical Problem Hindering SASSA Grant Withdrawals

The Postbank has issued a statement notifying SASSA grant beneficiaries about a technical problem causing difficulties in accessing their funds from ATMs and retail outlets. This disruption has left SRD grant beneficiaries unable to withdraw the essential R350 from retailers.

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Postbank Apology and Resolution

Postbank expressed deep regret for the inconvenience caused by this technical issue, extending an unreserved apology to all its customers. The bank has committed to informing beneficiaries as soon as the technical problem is resolved. This issue only affects ATMs and retailers, leaving transactions via SASSA Gold Cards within Post Office branches unaffected.

Alternative Withdrawal Method

In April, Postbank introduced an alternative method for beneficiaries to access their grants without relying on the gold card. This method requires beneficiaries to know their PIN and have a mobile phone for withdrawal at ATMs and other designated locations.

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Extent of the Issue and Beneficiary Impact

Postbank has not disclosed the full extent of the technical error’s impact on SASSA grants or the number of affected beneficiaries. Individuals who encountered difficulties while attempting to withdraw their grants at ATMs or retailers, such as Pick n Pay or OK, may have been affected. It is reassuring to note that grant withdrawals at Post Offices using the gold SASSA card remain unaffected.

Similar Incidents in Recent Times

Notably, a similar “technical glitch” disrupted the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) in disbursing September funding to over a million students under its management. Fortunately, this technical issue was promptly addressed, and payment delays were limited to a single day.

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The technical problem affecting SASSA grant withdrawals from ATMs and retailers is a temporary inconvenience, with Postbank actively working to resolve the issue. Beneficiaries are encouraged to utilize alternative withdrawal methods where possible, and transactions at Post Office branches remain unaffected.

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