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Sassa Payment Glitch in KZN Recipients Left Struggling with as Little as R63



Sassa Payment Glitch in KZN Recipients Left Struggling with as Little as R63

Sassa Payment Glitch in KZN Recipients Left Struggling with as Little as R63. A technical glitch that struck Postbank on Wednesday has sent shockwaves through KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), where recipients of social grants faced severe payment disruptions.

Recipients Left in Limbo

Many grant beneficiaries were instructed to return the following day to access their much-needed funds, upon which they heavily depend for their livelihoods. To their dismay, when they returned, their money was still nowhere to be found. The ordeal stretched into Friday, and a significant number of affected recipients and their families revealed their harrowing experiences with no apparent resolution in sight.

Plunged into Financial Desperation

The affected individuals shared stories of their sole source of income vanishing, leaving them in dire financial straits. One concerned resident lamented, “I have been trying to collect a grant for my 73-year-old mother for days now; we only got R63 instead of R3,000.”

Disrupted Foster Care Grants

Another citizen from Ndwendwe disclosed that his mother, who receives a foster care grant for her deceased grandchild, was supposed to receive a total of R3,200. However, she only received R1,600 from a local shopping center and was instructed to return later on Friday. Despite complying, the remaining amount was still unavailable. Frustration mounted as she was told to return the following Monday.

Grants Reduced and Delayed

Residents from Mtubatuba in northern KZN expressed their disappointment as they helped their elderly relatives collect their grants. Instead of the expected R3,500, one recipient received only R480 and was advised to return on either Friday or the upcoming Monday. They were left perplexed by the mysterious disappearance of their funds.

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Unfulfilled Expectations

Some recipients were not just left with reduced amounts; they received nothing at all. A grandmother from Vryheid, expecting R2,500, left empty-handed from a local Shoprite outlet. The financial turmoil left her family in distress.

A Widespread Predicament

Reports of similar hardships emerged from various areas, including Port Shepstone, Nongoma, Jozini, and Dlangwezwa, with many returning home without their expected grants. Desperation was palpable among those affected, with some reporting a lack of food for their families.

Anonymity Amid Fear

For fear of potential repercussions, many recipients chose to remain anonymous as they shared their grievances.

Sassa Responds

Sandy Godlwana, the spokesperson for Sassa in KZN, attributed the issue to Postbank and assured the affected recipients that the money is available. She apologized for the inconvenience, stating, “We apologize to our grandmothers and grandfathers who could not get their money yesterday (on Thursday). We wish to assure them that Sassa pays out the money every month; it is just that there is a technical glitch with Postbank,” Godlwana said.

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