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Sassa R350 Grant Rollout Extended To 2024 Do I Need To Reapply?



Sassa R350 Grant Rollout Extended To 2024 Do I Need To Reapply?

SASSA says recipients of government’s R350 social relief of distress (SRD) grant do not need to reapply in April.The R350 grant was introduced to assist those facing difficulties during the Covid-19 pandemic and was supposed to expire in March 2023. The grant was extended to March 2024 last year.

Sassa R350 grant rollout extended to 2024 do I need to reapply?

“The grant will continue as usual. Those who previously applied for the grant do not need to reapply,” Sassa explained.

According to Sassa, the program checks monthly if people still qualify for the grant, and those whose circumstances have changed could lose the grant.

What are the chances of the grant becoming permanent? 

In parliament last month, Cyril Ramaphosa said the grant would be maintained until March 2024 while other social support measures are investigated.

“We are looking at ways to move beyond the SRD grant. Basic income grants have been proposed which will provide support for a number of people, and that is being considered,” he said.

According to Ramaphosa, several options are being explored for turning the grant into a permanent program.”South Africa already provides extensive social security support through grants to over 46 percent of its population. Our goal is to build the economy and create jobs, while finding appropriate mechanisms to support all those who need assistance from the state.

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