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Sassa Recipients Endure Frustration Due to Postbank System Migration Glitch



Sassa Recipients Endure Frustration Due to Postbank System Migration Glitch

Sassa Recipients Endure Frustration Due to Postbank System Migration Glitch.Social grant beneficiaries nationwide faced mounting frustration and despair as their funds remained inaccessible for days due to a malfunction in Postbank’s new payment system. This glitch, attributed to a system migration fault, left hundreds of Sassa grant recipients empty-handed and incensed.

Long Queues and Disappointment

Many Sassa beneficiaries endured long queues outside Postbank offices and Sassa branches in the hope of accessing their monthly funds, only to return home empty-handed. Postbank cited a system migration fault as the culprit behind the withdrawals being declined at ATMs and retail establishments.

Chaos at Payment Points

The fallout from this glitch resulted in chaos at some payment points, with elderly and physically disabled individuals particularly affected. Those expecting their grants on Tuesday and Wednesday found themselves in dire straits.

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Beneficiary Frustration

Queen Malinga, who waited at the Postbank in Kliptown, Soweto, expressed her frustration after standing in line for hours without receiving her funds. Stella Makhubu, aged 77, shared a similar story, emphasizing the urgency of her situation as she needed to provide for her grandchildren.

Borrowing and Unplanned Debt

In Tshwane, Pat Zungu, aged 80, had to borrow money to reach the Sassa office in Pretoria after failing to withdraw his grant the previous day. Zungu highlighted the financial burden caused by these delays, including borrowing from loan sharks with high interest rates.

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Postbank Response

Postbank assured the public that they were actively working to resolve the issue by the end of the day. Spokesperson Bongani Diako explained that the migration process might have triggered the problem and detailed the issues beneficiaries faced when attempting withdrawals.

Advocacy and Criticism

#PayTheGrants and other advocacy groups expressed their concerns about the delays and criticized both Sassa and Postbank for the recurring issues. Elizabeth Raiters, deputy chair at #PayTheGrants, stressed the negative impact on beneficiaries who had to bridge the financial gap until their next grant.

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Calls for Improvement

Kelle Howson, a senior researcher at the Institute of Economic Justice, called for Postbank to be more understanding of beneficiaries’ challenges, enhance their capacity, and adopt rational problem-solving approaches. She emphasized the hardships faced by elderly individuals who had to spend extra money on commuting to access their grants.

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