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SASSA SRD April 2023 R350 Grant Now



SASSA SRD April 2023 R350 Grant Now

We are pleased to inform you that the April 2023 grant module was successfully implemented. All applicants who have applied for the grant can now check their application status on the SASSA website.

SASSA SRD April 2023 R350 Grant Now

Visit and enter your ID number and cellphone number. You will be able to view the status of your application once you have entered this information.

While the April 2023 module has been rolled out, there is still one more step before the grant can be disbursed. The next step is to determine whether the applicant is still eligible for the grant based on their current financial situation.

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In order to ensure that the grant goes to those who truly need it, the screening process is crucial. SASSA will review each applicant’s financial situation to determine if they are still eligible for the grant. For more information about this screening process, please contact SASSA directly.

While waiting for the grant can be challenging, we appreciate your patience. While maintaining the integrity of the screening process, we are working diligently to disburse the grant as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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All applicants are encouraged to check their application status on the SASSA website and to contact SASSA directly if they have any questions or concerns.

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