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South Africa Outrage NSFAS Funds Funneled to Ghost Students



South Africa Outrage NSFAS Funds Funneled to Ghost Students

South Africa Outrage NSFAS Funds Funneled to Ghost Students. In a shocking revelation that has left South Africans seething with anger, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has been exposed for channeling billions of rands to non-existent students. Phumelele Nxumalo, an experienced SA governmental reporter at Isolezwe, shares valuable insights into this disheartening issue on Briefly News.

Billions Lost to ‘Ghost’ Students

Recent records have unveiled a staggering misappropriation of funds within NSFAS, where an estimated R260.7 million is disbursed to fictitious students every month. This alarming malpractice results in an annual loss of over R3 billion, as reported by News24.

The Heavy Toll on Taxpayers

The mismanagement of funds not only deprives deserving students of the assistance they need but also places an enormous burden on taxpayers. The taxpayers, who fund this initiative, are ultimately robbed of billions due to this misallocation of resources.

South Africans Express Outrage

News of this gross misconduct sparked outrage among South Africans, who took to social media platforms to vent their frustration. Various individuals expressed their anger and disappointment in the government-run scheme, highlighting the dire consequences of such corruption.

Voices of Frustration:

  • @Luu_Matinjwa pointed out the long-standing issue, suggesting that even NSFAS employees may be complicit in this scandal.
  • @mirandabeta4741 shared the heartbreaking story of a child who passed well academically but did not qualify for NSFAS, despite demonstrating financial need.
  • @rakgadibandz implied that corrupt NSFAS employees were disguising themselves as students.
  • @Mabitsela_Ali called for the release of an individual wrongly arrested for receiving NSFAS funds, arguing that the real culprits were the administrators.
  • @Gcwanini04 quantified the loss, stating that NSFAS employees are stealing R260.7 million each month.
  • @Bongani_SP expressed concern that this scandal could lead to the eventual bankruptcy and closure of NSFAS, affecting deserving students.
  • @kennyleluma voiced disillusionment in the government’s ability to combat corruption, believing it to be deeply ingrained.
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TUT Student Heartbreaking Plight

In a previous report by Briefly News, the harsh reality of NSFAS mismanagement became evident when a Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) student had his funding revoked. A video shared on TikTok captured the emotional distress of students reliant on financial aid schemes for their education. The video depicted the student in tears as he shared the devastating news of his discontinued funding, along with a message from NSFAS detailing the reasons behind the termination.

The NSFAS scandal has sent shockwaves through South Africa, igniting calls for accountability and reform within the financial aid system.

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