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SRD Grant Payment Schedule For February 2024



SRD Grant Payment Schedule For February 2024

SRD Grant Payment Schedule For February 2024. The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, designed to provide financial assistance to unemployed adults in South Africa, is administered by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa). For the month of February 2024, Sassa has announced the payment dates for beneficiaries.

Payment Dates and Processing

Sassa disburses the SRD grant to over 8 million unemployed adults on a monthly basis. The payment processing for February 2024 is scheduled to occur during the final week of the month, specifically from 23 February 2024 to 29 February 2024.

Checking Payment Status

Beneficiaries are advised to check their Sassa status on the SRD website during the designated payment week to determine the precise date of their grant payment deposition into their bank accounts.

Processing Time and Updates

Following the payment processing week, it typically takes 2-3 working days for the funds to reflect in the beneficiaries’ bank accounts. Beneficiaries without a specified pay date are urged to update their banking information on the SRD grant website.

Pending SRD Grant Status

Sassa explains that a pending SRD grant status indicates the ongoing verification of the application for that particular month. Beneficiaries with a pending status are encouraged to exercise patience while the agency completes the verification process.

SRD Grant Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the SRD grant, applicants must meet strict eligibility criteria set by Sassa. They need to be South African citizens, permanent residents, or special permit holders and should not be receiving other government support such as UIF benefits or NSFAS bursaries. Additionally, their bank account balance should be less than R624 to be eligible for the R350 grant.

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Verification Process and Payment Schedule

Sassa conducts verification checks in collaboration with the Department of Home Affairs for identity and citizenship checks and shares bank details with the Department of Treasury for income verification. The verification process, conducted each month, concludes towards the end of the month, explaining the end-of-month payment schedule for SRD grants.

Checking SRD Grant Application Status

SRD grant applicants can check their Sassa status to see if they were approved for grant payments. If an applicant’s SRD Sassa Application is rejected, they have the option to submit a SRD grant appeal to the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA).

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