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Students Want Nsfas To Make Changes To Funding Requirements



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Those students in the working class who earn less than Nsfas are classified as missing middle students. On paper, these students may appear to be able to afford tertiary education, but their parents cannot. 

Students who were admitted to tertiary institutions are currently drowning in debt because they cannot afford their tuition fees. The past few years have seen approximately R19 billion in expenditures. Apply For NSFAS Application Now. 

Students Want Nsfas To Make Changes To Funding Requirements

The South African Students Congress (SASCO) has requested that the Nsfas bursary household income threshold be raised from R350 000 to R600 000. Many missing middle school students can benefit from an increase in the household income threshold. 

There is a need for the African National Congress (ANC) to deliberate on a revised student funding model.

In order to allow more students to benefit from NSFAS funding, SASCO would like a more comprehensive model based on the taxation of the working class. A working class child should not be yoked in chains and bonds of debt by the funding model. 

Postgraduate students also want the government to increase postgraduate funding dramatically instead of cutting it. Many students would benefit from postgraduate funding to further their studies and advance their careers. 

In addition to benefiting the youth of South Africa, tertiary education will benefit the country as a whole. By educating these students, the country will be able to grow economically significantly.


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