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Success for Over 58,000 NSFAS Appeals, with Nearly 30,000 Invalid



Success for Over 58,000 NSFAS Appeals, with Nearly 30,000 Invalid

Success for Over 58,000 NSFAS Appeals, with Nearly 30,000 Invalid.The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has granted approval for funding to over 58,000 students for the 2023 academic year. These students had initially faced rejection in their NSFAS bursary applications but successfully appealed to the financial aid scheme.

Empowering Students from Disadvantaged Backgrounds

NSFAS, dedicated to supporting South African students from disadvantaged backgrounds, offers comprehensive bursaries that enable access to tertiary education at public universities and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges.

Significant Student Population Benefiting from NSFAS

In 2023, NSFAS plays a crucial role in supporting over a million students enrolled in South African universities and TVET colleges through its bursary program. Nevertheless, many students who sought government bursaries for 2023 faced initial rejections.

Appeal Process Offers Hope

Students with unsuccessful NSFAS applications for 2023 have the opportunity to submit an NSFAS Appeal Application. NSFAS will meticulously evaluate these appeals and reach a final decision on whether to provide funding.

Appeal Statistics

NSFAS reports processing over 170,000 appeal applications, which encompass both financial and academic eligibility appeals. Out of these, NSFAS has approved 58,924 applicants for funding while maintaining rejections for 6,337 students.

Invalid Appeal Applications

Notably, some students submitted invalid NSFAS appeal applications, including withdrawals, deletions, and duplicates, resulting in 28,971 invalid appeals.

Comprehensive Funding for Successful Appeals

Students whose NSFAS appeals are successful receive comprehensive financial support. This includes coverage for registration and tuition fees, as well as allowances to assist with various expenses incurred during their studies.

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Aiding Student Expenses

NSFAS goes beyond tuition fees by offering accommodation allowances, living allowances, and learning material allowances. Additionally, students not residing in accommodation facilities may be eligible for a transport allowance.


These developments reflect NSFAS’s commitment to empowering students and facilitating their pursuit of higher education despite financial constraints.

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