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The ANC Misuse of SASSA Raises Ethical Concerns



The ANC Misuse of SASSA Raises Ethical Concerns

The ANC Misuse of SASSA Raises Ethical Concerns. The recent exploitation of the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) by the ANC for political purposes has drawn strong condemnation from the DA. SASSA, a state organ mandated to provide social security services, is being misused as a tool to further the ANC’s political agenda.

Misappropriation of SASSA for Political Gain

The DA vehemently opposes the ANC’s recent actions, emphasizing that SASSA is not an ANC project and should never be utilized for partisan benefit. The ANC’s release of a graphic featuring a SASSA card with a political caption reveals a troubling pattern of using state resources for political gain, reflecting the party’s desperation to maintain power at any cost.

Pattern of Misuse

This incident follows a previous misuse involving Deputy Chief Justice Mandisa Maya image in an ANC voter registration poster. While an apology was issued, the recurring nature of such incidents suggests a disregard for ethical political conduct within the ANC.

SASSA: Beyond Political Affiliation

The DA asserts that SASSA’s crucial work is not an ANC initiative, firmly rejecting attempts by the ANC to falsely claim credit for the agency services. The DA pledges a commitment to ethical conduct, promising not to exploit state resources for party promotion when in power. Such actions not only breach ethical standards but also undermine the democratic integrity of the nation.

Call for Fair and Transparent Political Engagement

The DA calls on the ANC to cease such tactics and engage in fair and transparent political competition. The people of South Africa deserve a government that refrains from manipulating public institutions for its own benefit.

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Upholding Democratic Values

The DA stands resolute in upholding ethical, honest, and appropriate political conduct. A plea is made for all political parties to respect the independence of state institutions and refrain from exploiting them for partisan purposes. The DA remains committed to holding those who violate democratic principles accountable for their actions.

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