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Union Wants Changes To Be Made To Nsfas Allowances



Union Wants Changes To Be Made To Nsfas Allowances

Increasing student allowances is one of the goals of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. Student unions have welcomed the way in which the financial aid scheme aims to accomplish this.

Union Wants Changes To Be Made To Nsfas Allowances

Blade Nzimande, Minister of Higher Education and Training, announced earlier this year that the allowances given to students funded by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) are to be increased.

 What Cover In Nsfas Allowance 2023

To help students cover the costs associated with their studies, NSFAS provides several allowances.

  • transport allowances
  • meal allowances
  • accommodation allowances
  •  learning material allowances

How Much Nsfas Allowances Will Increase

All Nsfas allowances will increase by 7% across the board, according to Minister Nzimande. A 10% increase will be made to the living/food allowance of these allowances.

NSFAs allowances for the 2023 academic year have been increased by the South African Union of Students (SAUS). As a result of their contribution, students will receive a greater increase in food allowances.

NSFAS beneficiaries initially received a 5% increase in food allowances from the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). According to the union, the government and NSFAS were forced to increase the raise after rigorous deliberation

“Initially the Nsfas department proposed and approved a 5% increase in food allowances, but after rigorous and militant deliberations, the department decided to withdraw the proposal.The government and Nsfas have been forced to increase food allowance by 10%, which equals R150 per month.

When Will Last Time Nsfas Allowances Increase

In the current economic climate, the union acknowledges that the increase is not sufficient. The last time students received an increase in allowances was in 2018, so it has been several years since allowances were increased.

Obviously, although a significant win for the struggles we’ve waged, this 10% increase isn’t enough on the backdrop of the fact that allowances were last increased in 2018. 

SAUS is also pleased that Nsfas has decided to pay allowances directly to students. Students will now have more control over their money thanks to the direct payment solution announced by the financial aid scheme in 2022.

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