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Unisa Begins Paying Nsfas Allowances



Unisa Begins Paying Nsfas Allowances

Students who benefit from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme have received an important announcement from South Africa’s largest university. It is important for students to be aware of important dates that will affect their ability to continue studying.

Unisa Begins Paying Nsfas Allowances

 Students currently receiving bursaries through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) at the University of South Africa (Unisa) have been informed of when their payments will be made. 

The University of South Africa announced this week that it would begin paying allowances to students. The payment of allowances for the academic year 2023 has been confirmed by NSFAS. 

The university said, “NSFAS confirmed the payment of allowances to all qualifying students and the process of disbursing allowances has now commenced.” The university qualifies for an incidental allowance due to its status as a distance learning institution. In distance learning and catered residences, students funded by NSFAS will receive an incidental allowance, also known as a personal care allowance.

On Wednesday, 15 March 2023, returning students will start receiving their incidental allowances and learning material allowances.From Wednesday 15 March 2023, the returning students will receive their allowances, including learning material and incidental allowances.

There may be a few more days until new students receive their incidental and learning material allowances. A laptop will be provided if they choose to receive one. 

Unisa explained

Unisa explained, “New students who qualify for incidental allowance disbursement will be on 15 March 2023 and learning material allowances for students who did not choose the laptop option will be disbursed from 22 March 2023.”

A comprehensive bursary program is offered by NSFAS for students from working- and poor-class backgrounds. A student’s tuition fees will be covered by the financial aid program, along with living and transportation allowances.

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