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Voice Note Sparks Panic Over June SASSA Grant Payments



Voice Note Sparks Panic Over June Sassa Grant Payments

Voice Note Sparks Panic Over June SASSA Grant Payments. More than 18 million people are set to receive grant payments in June 2024. However, a voice note being circulated on social media has caused panic among the millions of grant beneficiaries.

Voice Note Sparks Panic Over June SASSA Grant Payments

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) will proceed with grant payments this week despite disinformation claiming payments will be delayed for two weeks. This will come as welcome news for the millions of people living in South Africa who rely on social grants to survive every month.

Types of Grants Distributed by SASSA

SASSA distributes permanent grants to more than 18 million people monthly. Grants distributed by SASSA include:

  • Older Persons pension grants
  • Disability grants
  • War Veterans grants
  • Care Dependency grants
  • Foster Child grants
  • Child Support grants
  • Child Support grant Top-Up
  • Grant-in-aid

Disinformation Causes Panic

A voice note circulated on social media last week caused panic among grant beneficiaries, making them fear they would not receive their payments. The message indicated that SASSA would shut down their systems for a couple of weeks to prevent fraud.

Official Response from SASSA

Eastern Cape Regional Manager for SASSA, Zanoxolo Mpetha, has confirmed that the message circulated on social media is fake and has assured all beneficiaries that their grants will be paid in the coming week.

“Somebody created a voice note that is telling people that there will be problems next month [June] payments will be delayed, there are SASSA glitches in the systems, and such that beneficiaries will be sent to SASSA offices to collect the grant that is totally incorrect,” said Zanoxolo.

Assurance of Stable Systems

Zanoxolo said SASSA systems are stable and assured beneficiaries that there will be no issues with grant distribution in June 2024.

“Our systems are stable and fully functional,” Zanoxolo emphasized.

Official Grant Payment Schedule

The manager confirmed that SASSA’s official grant payment schedule for the rest of 2024 has already been published, indicating when beneficiaries will be paid.

“We have already developed a schedule for the year. The payments for June are communicated, on the 4th of June we’ll be paying old age grants, on the 5th of June we’ll be paying the disability grants, and on the 6th of June we’ll be paying children’s grants as scheduled,” Zanoxolo explained.

Condemnation of Misinformation

Zanoxolo condemned the spread of misinformation, emphasising its negative impact on beneficiaries who depend on these grants. They added that law enforcement agencies have been notified to investigate the source of these rumours.

“We have communicated the problem with the law enforcement agencies because we do not have the capacity on our own to investigate and we hope then they’ll be able to find the culprit,” Zanoxolo said.


The dissemination of false information regarding SASSA grant payments has caused unnecessary panic among beneficiaries. However, SASSA has confirmed that all systems are functioning correctly, and grant payments will proceed as scheduled in June 2024. Beneficiaries are advised to rely on official communications from SASSA and disregard unverified social media messages.

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