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What if I Failed 4 Modules in NSFAS? Do I Need to Reapply?



What if I Failed 4 Modules in NSFAS? Do I Need to Reapply?

What if I Failed 4 Modules in NSFAS? Do I Need to Reapply?The National Student Financial Aid Scheme provides bursaries to thousands of students to help them finance their tertiary education. It may be necessary, however, to defund students who do not meet the academic eligibility requirements of the financial aid scheme.

What if I Failed 4 Modules in NSFAS? Do I Need to Reapply?

South African public higher learning institutions offer comprehensive bursaries to thousands of deserving students enrolled in undergraduate qualifications through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

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Applicants must be enrolled in an approved undergraduate degree program at a public university or a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college in order to be eligible for a NSFAS bursary. Additionally, students who are living with a disability must have a household income under R350,000 per annum.

What if I Failed 4 Modules in NSFAS

In order to continue receiving financial support from NSFAS, students must meet academic criteria in addition to bursary requirements. A student’s funding can be withdrawn if they fail to meet the NSFAS academic requirements.A student’s academic performance is determined by the N+Rule and the percentage of modules he or she passes in order to continue receiving funding.

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A student may receive NSFAS findings for no longer than the N+rule specifies. N+1 is currently applicable to all students. Thus, NSFAS will pay for N (minimum number of years required for qualification completion) plus an additional year. A student living with a disability qualifies for N+2.

Should You Reapply To Nsfas If You Failed 4 Modules?

The previous academic term’s pass rate of 50% must be met by university First Time Entering Students (FTES) in order to continue receiving NSFAS funding. Student funding for the current academic term can only be extended to students who achieved a 55% pass rate for the previous academic term.

It is therefore possible for students who failed four modules to reapply to NSFAS after passing 50% of their modules (FTES) or 55% (continuing students) of their modules.

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NSFAS allows students to appeal funding withdrawal decisions before they are finalized. NSFAS advises students to appeal on time, through the appropriate channels. NSFAS warned that if an appeal is made through the incorrect channel, it will not be considered.

In order to qualify for funding, university students must have at least 50% of their final year course credits completed and their qualification achieved. The funding provided to students in this category is similar to that given to distance university students as long as their appeal is successful.

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