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When to Reapply for NSFAS Funding



When to Reapply for NSFAS Funding

When to Reapply for NSFAS Funding. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) plays a crucial role in providing financial assistance to students from disadvantaged backgrounds pursuing tertiary education. This includes comprehensive bursaries covering tuition, accommodation, meals, transport, and stationery allowances.

Application Period for NSFAS

The application period for NSFAS bursaries opens a few months before the start of the academic year. All eligible students requiring funding can apply during this time.

Reapplying for NSFAS Funding

Rejected Applicants

 Individuals previously denied NSFAS funding have the opportunity to reapply. If your application was not approved in prior years but you still need funding for the upcoming academic year, you can reapply if you meet the funding criteria.

Application Process

    1. Log into your myNsfas account.
    2. Provide required information.
    3. Click on ‘Apply.’
    4. Fill in relevant details.
    5. Upload necessary documents.
    6. Confirm details and documents, then click ‘Submit.’

Duration of NSFAS Funding

Students approved for NSFAS funding are funded for the duration of their studies, provided they pass modules and meet academic requirements. There is no need to reapply at the beginning of each academic year or when applications open.

Instances Requiring Reapplication

  1. Certificate Qualification Completion: If completing a certificate qualification, reapplication for undergraduate funding is necessary.
  2. Transition from TVET College to University: Students moving from a TVET college to a university or vice versa should reapply.
  3. De-registration or Dropout: Students de-registering or dropping out during an academic term must reapply when resuming studies.
  4. Appealing Rejected Applications: Those whose applications are rejected can appeal within 30 days of being assessed as unsuccessful.
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Eligibility Criteria for NSFAS Bursaries

To qualify for NSFAS bursaries, applicants must:

  • Come from households with a combined income not exceeding R350,000 per annum (R600,000 for students with disabilities).
  • Be registered or intending to register for an approved course at a public university or TVET college.
  • Be South African citizens meeting academic and other eligibility criteria for their courses.
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