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Which TVET courses does NSFAS fund?



Which TVET courses does NSFAS fund?

Are you unable to pay for your own studies? Get financial aid through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) by enrolling in a government-funded training course. Check Nsfas Application Process Now.

What is a TVET college?

TVET stands for Technical and Vocational Education and Training. A TVET college is an educational institution that provides technical and vocational education and training in a wide range of skills, trades and crafts, including engineering, electronics, construction, and information technology. These colleges offer programs leading to certificates, diplomas, and advanced diplomas, which are designed to prepare students for employment in specific occupations or industries.

Who is NSFAS?

NSFAS stands for National Student Financial Aid Scheme. NSFAS is a government-funded student financial aid scheme in South Africa that provides financial assistance to eligible students from low-income families to pursue higher education. The main objective of NSFAS is to increase access to tertiary education for historically disadvantaged students who would otherwise not have the financial means to attend university or a TVET college. This is achieved by providing student loans, bursaries and other forms of financial support.Check your NSFAS Application Status

NSFAS Funded Training

NSFAS stands for National Student Financial Aid Scheme and is a South African government funded organization that provides financial aid to eligible students to assist with the cost of their tertiary education. The organization funds training for eligible students in various fields, including but not limited to:

  • Engineering
  • Nursing
  • Teaching
  • Agriculture
  • Information Technology

To be considered for NSFAS funding, a student must meet certain eligibility criteria such as being a South African citizen and demonstrating financial need. The exact criteria and funding amounts can vary and change over time, so it’s recommended to check the NSFAS website for the most up-to-date information

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What does NSFAS pay for?

  • Registration & Tuition Fees
  • Personal Care Allowance
  • Transport Allowance
  • Accommodation Allowance
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