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Why Sassa SRD R350 April 2023 Not Showing?



Why Sassa SRD R350 April 2023 Not Showing?

When SASSA SRD R350 Grant applicants check their status, their April 2023 module does not appear.Applicants should be aware that the SRD R350 grant was originally scheduled to end in March 2023, but the government extended it to March 2024, thus adding one year or 12 months.

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Why Sassa SRD R350 April 2023 Not Showing?

SASSA announced recently that the website for managing the SRD R350 grant ( would undergo maintenance.In order to accommodate the extension, the platform must be reconfigured so that existing applicants can be rolled over to April 2023.It is this that has caused the delay, and for that matter, applicants who reconfirm don’t see the April 2023 module on their dashboard.

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We are confident SASSA is working around the clock to ensure that applicants will receive the best possible service when the time comes.

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