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You can check the SASSA SRD payments for June 2024



You can check the SASSA SRD payments for June 2024

You can check the SASSA SRD payments for June 2024. According to the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) 2024 payment schedule, Social Relief of Distress (SRD) beneficiaries can expect their SASSA SRD payments for June 2024 to be disbursed according to a structured timeline. This schedule aims to ensure a smooth and orderly process, preventing congestion and facilitating timely access to funds for all recipients.

You can check the SASSA SRD payments for June 2024

Older Person’s Grants

For older persons, the grant will be disbursed starting from June 4, 2024. This includes any supplementary grants linked to these accounts. Beneficiaries are advised not to rush to withdraw their funds immediately, as the money will remain in their accounts until they are ready to use it. This measure helps to avoid overcrowding at withdrawal points and ensures the safety and convenience of all recipients.

Disability Grants

Following the disbursement of older person’s grants, disability grants will commence on June 5, 2024. Similar to the older person’s grants, any linked grants will also be paid out on this date. The system ensures that funds are secure in the beneficiaries’ accounts until needed, providing a reliable and safe financial support mechanism for disabled individuals.

Children’s Grants

Children’s grants will be the last category to be disbursed, with payments starting from June 6, 2024. All grants linked to children’s accounts will be accessible from this date onwards. Beneficiaries are encouraged to withdraw their funds at their convenience, ensuring that the process remains orderly and that funds are available when required.

Contact SASSA for Any Issues Regarding June Payments 2024

For any queries or further information about the SASSA SRD payments for June 2024, beneficiaries can contact the toll-free number 0800 60 10 11 or visit the official SASSA website at Additionally, updates and important announcements can be followed on SASSA’s official X (Twitter) handle @OfficialSASSA.


The structured payment schedule for the SASSA SRD pay in June 2024 is designed to facilitate a smooth and fair distribution process, ensuring that all beneficiaries receive their funds securely and conveniently. By following this schedule, SASSA aims to provide a seamless experience for all recipients, minimizing delays and ensuring timely financial support for those in need.

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