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What to do If R350 Grant is Approved But No Payment?



What to do If R350 Grant is Approved But No Payment?

What to do If R350 Grant is Approved But No Payment? The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant was established to aid unemployed individuals lacking government financial assistance. Despite approval, many beneficiaries have not received payments.

SASSAS Delayed Common Issues

Common IssuesDetails
Banking DetailsBeneficiaries with unresolved bank account issues or failed verifications face payment delays.
Cash Send MethodUnsuccessful verification of mobile numbers and ID numbers hampers cash send payments.
Postbank AccountThe option to open a Postbank account for grant disbursement is no longer available. Beneficiaries are advised to provide alternative bank details for payment.

SASSA Addressing Delays

Updating DetailsGrant recipients should ensure accurate banking information by visiting the SRD Grant website and updating their profiles promptly.
Contacting SassaIndividuals encountering payment issues despite approval should contact the Sassa Customer Care Call Centre for assistance.

SASSA Grant Verification Processof Application Period

Grant VerificationsDetails
Means TestSassa conducts various verifications to ascertain eligibility. The means test assesses if the applicant’s income exceeds the R624 threshold.
Eligibility CriteriaApplicants must be unemployed, aged between 18 and 59, and not receiving government financial aid to qualify for the SRD grant.

By addressing these issues and ensuring accurate information, beneficiaries can expedite the payment process and access the much-needed financial relief provided by the SRD grant

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